Top 10 survival simulators for various platforms

21 January 2019 Top 10 survival simulators for various platforms

Developers of these ten games went through a lot of trouble to make survival quite a difficult task. But we believe that you'll make it! Let’s examine the selection of the most spectacular and exciting survival simulators that you should definitely play. Fight off zombies, look for food, craft weapon, and combat plague! Good luck.


Developer: Bohemia Interactive

Year: 2012

Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4

This multiplayer game has a simple and uncomplicated plot: gamers should survive in the world of zombie apocalypse. The character enters a fictitious universe almost empty-handed, obtaining supplies, equipment, drugs, and clothes within a campaign.

Besides, there will be a lot of the same adventure seekers. Players can kill other characters or join them to protect from danger. DayZ is one of the top zombie horrors, giving developers approximately $100 million.

Don’t Starve Together

Developer: Klei Entertainment

Year: 2013

Platforms: PlayStation 4, PC

An online sandbox with the well-designed world and high-quality cartoonish drawing. Players should explore maps, collect resources, and protect their teams from monsters.

By the way, one should take food and feed allies on time as well as monitor whether none of the team goes mad. After death, participants turn into ghosts that increase the level of survivors’ frenzy.

This War of Mine

Developer: 11 bit studios

Year: 2014

Platforms: PC, Android, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

A striking and thrilling plot taking place during the civil war. Its atmosphere is enhanced by the fact that it is based on a true story happening in Yugoslavia.

Players will act as a character surviving in the tumble-down house of the besieged city. They should complete several quests, constantly search for resources, interact with other participants, as well as take sometimes hard and inhuman decisions. The game was released in 92 countries, and its development was repaid in a couple of days.

The Long Dark

Developer: Hinterland Studio Inc.

Year: 2014

Platforms: PlayStation 4, PC

A wonderful and atmospheric game that immerses users into a severe and thoroughly elaborated cold world. The main character will be surrounded by the wild snow-covered forest with hungry bears and wolves.

Gamers should seek for feeding, warm up a taken shelter, catch and cook food, craft clothes and extract resources. The game is designed for the walkthrough without allies, thus, a player remains literally face to face with wildlife. The survival simulator consists of four difficulty modes.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Apocalypse

Developer: West Games

Year: 2016

Platforms: PC

A real classic of the genre! The bone-chilling, weird, and dangerous Chernobyl area dips players into the atmosphere of fatality and the empire of tense anxiety.

Thought-out quests, locations based on real places in Chernobyl: in short, gamers will have no time to get bored. A character will face dangerous abnormities and monsters, treatment of radiation sickness using vodka, and a great deal of other thrilling turning points.


Developer: 11 bit studios

Year: 2018

Platforms: PC, Android, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

A new survival city builder where gamers will enter the alternative reality. According to the plot, it is another 19th century where Earth suffers from the Ice ge and mankind is threatened with extinction.

The main character should lead the last city on the planet, develop a settlement infrastructure, take care of citizens, and accept tricky decisions. To use child labor so that inhabitants won’t die of hunger or not? To let refugees in the city or will it exhaust resources? The game offers three campaigns that an experienced player can complete in a couple of evenings.

Oxygen Not Included

Developer: Klei Entertainment

Year: 2017

Platforms: PC

The game action takes place in the space colony where the character will have to dig, build, as well as produce water, food, and oxygen. In brief, users will have fun like in any self-respecting survival simulators. The game is hardcore: each decision leads to the whole chain of new challenges and tasks.

Oxygen Not Included features funny cartoonish design, but it is far-from-simple and makes gamers to pull up their socks during the walkthrough.

State of Decay 2

Developer: Microsoft Studios

Year: 2018

Platforms: PC

In this simulator, gamers should survive in the hostile world of zombie apocalypse. The second part differs from the first one in the possibility to play in the team, i.e. to create a band of four people in order to find loot and blow up aggressive zombies together.

Gamers will be able to enjoy a wide world and a large map that can be explored diversely. Moreover, players will be provided with a base that can be upgraded. Survivors entering this base have unique character features, making the game even more interesting. Basic needs are satisfied by five resources: their availability affects the team’s fighting spirit.

Pathologic 2

Developer: Ice-Pick Lodge

Year: 2019

Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

The game combines several genres such as RPG, action, and survival simulator. It is a complemented remake of the 2005’s solution called Pathologic (the same developer).

The plot of Pathologic 2 develops in the city covered by the terrible plague epidemic: citizens die right and left, while no help is within reach. character should survive and save people from disease. The game has an off-the-shelf alpha version. Developers are going to launch the full design option piece by piece in 2019.


Developer: Embu Games

Year: 2019

Platforms: PC

The main character of this fascinating game suddenly decreases up to the size of insect. He should find out the reason for this while surviving in the common forest. Well, is it so easy to survive when you are surrounded by enormous squirrels and boar-sized beetles, and when light wind can pull down your refuge along with the supporting structure?

Gamers have to build fortifications, grapple with rainfall consequences, search for like-minded fellows, craft lots of stuff, and regularly do some fancy footwork. The game is available in the early access on Steam.


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