Top 7 cosplayers who attended WEGAME 2.0

13 September 2016 Top 7 cosplayers who attended WEGAME 2.0

The autumn WEGAME festival brought together a lot of cosplayers but not all of them participated in the contest. We prepared a short top, which included the most prominent representatives of the autumn festival’s cosplay party.      

№ 1. Kira Lymar – Brightwing Dragon from the WоW universe  

The youngest lady cosplayer of the festival who can hold sticks with adult professionals in terms of the costume and talent.        

Top 7 cosplayers who attended WEGAME 2.0  - 1

№ 2. Marianna de Mort in an image of Sindel from Mortal Kombat 9    

Marianna is a juror of our cosplay show and this is the only reason why she has not won any rewards.  

Top 7 cosplayers who attended WEGAME 2.0  - 2

№ 3. Alina Kokhan – Hitagi Senjougahara cosplay from Bakemonogatari anime   

The girl placed third, as in our top, in the category of Cosplayers aged 12 to 17 at the WEGAME cosplay show.    

Top 7 cosplayers who attended WEGAME 2.0  - 3

№ 4. Ksyusha Moon-ka Sherstyuk in an image of Lady Liadrin from Hearthstone game     

Lady was wonderful! One could hear conversations between attendees, looking for “lady cosplayer with an enormous sward” to take photo together.       

Top 7 cosplayers who attended WEGAME 2.0  - 4

№ 5. Alexandra Kratyuk as Fionna from Adventure Time cartoon    

The audience could notice white Fionna’s ears in the lectures zone or near some interesting stands. All WEGAME cosplayers showcased interesting dresses but Alexandra could be seen further than anyone.            

Top 7 cosplayers who attended WEGAME 2.0  - 5

№ 6 и 7. Anna Malitskaya as Pyro and Anastasia Romanenko as Scout from Team Fortress 2 game    

Girls were photographed with anyone who wanted to, participated in the show and at the same time managed to review the most interesting exhibition stands.    

Top 7 cosplayers who attended WEGAME 2.0  - 6

This top focused on those cosplayers who were not limited to participation in the show and were involved in various festival activities. We will soon provide materials about cosplay show winners in 3 categories: Cosplayers aged 12 to 17; Comics and belles-lettres; Films, serials, and cartoons; and Video games.      

We have prepared a lot of interesting information on the previous festival, so wait for new publications on the website and sign up for a newsletter.


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