Participants of the WEGAME festival are preparing to launch their Kickstarter campaign

24 October 2016 Participants of the WEGAME festival are preparing to launch their Kickstarter campaign

The stand of the Ukrainian startup Raccoon that develops gaming glove for interaction with virtual reality was one of the most visited on our autumn festival. If you were there then definitely you remember those guys who were suggesting playing Need For Speed Underground using a tricky hand device.  

Raccoon plans to launch their Kickstarter campaign in the coming months. For the first time this device was presented on WEGAME 2.0 festival on September 10-11. The gadget has been specifically developed for this event in order to attract visitors’ attention to the Raccoon stand. Since everyone liked the gadget and many were willing to buy one, it was decided to kick-start the production.    

The gadget is compatible with AR/VR glasses and headsets. It provides the orientation in space and allows you to manage the gaming process using your own hands and pressing the embedded buttons. 

At least three games in the augmented and virtual reality are expected to be released. All of those are brand new stuff that can be tried by using almost any AR/VR device.    

One of the upcoming AR games is a zombie shooter where you will be able to observe the 3D environment with zombies attacking people while your mission is to save them by killing the mutants using the gadget. 

The WEGAME press service maintains contact with the festival participants and is going to share their most fascinating news. Soon we will post the interview with Raccoon CEO Svetlana Malyovannaya on our website, stay tuned to the “News” section.


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