Battlestate Games have announced Escape from Tarkov system requirements

15 January 2016 Battlestate Games have announced Escape from Tarkov system requirements

On the web users can now find system requirements for highly anticipated game Escape from Tarkov. Players who don’t have powerful game computers will be pleasantly surprised.

In order to enjoy playing this forthcoming shooter, you will need to have a system with dual core processor, a graphics card with 1GB memory, and 6GB RAM. The game will take 8GB of disc space. Basically, an average computer will do for this game. However for full performance it’s recommended to have a 3.2 GHz processor, a graphics card with 2GB memory and 8GB RAM.

The events of Escape from Tarkov take place in the fictional Russian metropolitan city called Tarkov. Players, teamed in groups or acting alone, will need to survive in post-apocalyptic landscape. Gamers can look to an open world and high level of reality.  Finally, developers promise that players will be able to destroy the majority of objects on the map.

Nothing is known about the release date of the game – it will come out this year, but there is no date yet. 


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