Payday 2 robbery simulator is available for free on Steam in June

09 June 2017 Payday 2 robbery simulator is available for free on Steam in June

Software, the Swedish videogame developer, has launched five million free copies of Payday 2 robbery simulator on the Steam service. This special offer will be available till June 21. If all copies come to an end earlier, it will be closed beforehand. Promotion involves the game basic version.

Besides, it has transpired that a new game edition called Ultimate Edition will be released soon. It will include all additions to Payday 2 issued till June 8, 2017. The edition will provide an access to:

  • 18 characters;
  • 55 robbery scenarios;
  • more than 200 kinds of weapon.

After Ultimate Edition launching, certain updates won’t be no longer sold separately. The developers are going to launch the following upgrades for free. The game will be supported until fall 2018.

is also some news about the Payday 2 VR version. Everyone downloading Payday 2 on Steam during the current period will be able to get it for free.


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