In search of mysterious signal from Tölva

10 August 2016 In search of mysterious signal from Tölva

The Signal From Tölva is a recently announced new open world game. It got about that the game will differ from previous products of the studio.

In contrast to Victorian Sir, You Are Being Hunted procedurally-generated game, the new one will be focused on combats. The only common feature of the two games is robots.

The player should create an army of robots, who live on the Tölva planet. Once there was a war of the machines, but now the only thing left is ruins. The main hero receives a mysterious signal, hijacks a drone and begins his search for adventures and himself.

In search of mysterious signal from Tölva - 1

In search of mysterious signal from Tölva - 2

Together with the character, player explores dangerous locations and wildlife of the planet. There will be a lot of dangers, combats with ghosts, fancy tools and powerful weapon. Find the source of the signal.

The Signal From Tölva is due on PC in 2017.


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