Valve “Spring Cleaning”: New patch in DotA

08 February 2018  Valve “Spring Cleaning”: New patch in DotA

Valve has just released patch 7.08 “Spring Cleaning 2018”. According to the promises, it corrects mistakes in the game and improves its quality. Did they manage to do this? Here is an overview of the main changes.

New profile design

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Now the profile of the player has more useful features: you can check your last fight, adjust the background and much more.

Last hit training

This is a new tool in “Training” tab. After spending some time on this important skill, you can make the most of every creep and increase the amount of gold.

Patch notifications

The Dota is evolving, and now it's easier to follow it: just guide the mouse over the icon above the hero, and all the changes will be displayed. You can find the entire list of changes in the “Training” tab.

Buyback notifications became more noticeable

Wegame:  Valve “Spring Cleaning”: New patch in DotA - 2

If you click Alt after the first notification disappears, you can see recent buybacks.

Live tournament tab

Major tournaments will be streamed on a special panel. Click the notification to view it.

Automatic ban

For 6 month. For worst of the worst players.

Improved communication

Now the chosen language will be an important factor when searching for a game.

The minimap update

The minimap will now show the difficulty level of each creep camp.

Friends filter

A new filter, which will show whether the player is ready for battle, will help you to quickly find friends to join your team.

Ready Check button

Before you start looking for a game, you need to be sure that your party is prepared. Now you can just click the Ready Check button.

Wegame:  Valve “Spring Cleaning”: New patch in DotA - 3

Towers damage

You will now see the towers being actually destroyed.


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