Vitali Demura and Oleksandr Trifan to tell about the revival of tabletop role-playing games at WEGAME 4.0

26 March 2018 Vitali Demura and Oleksandr Trifan to tell about the revival of tabletop role-playing games at WEGAME 4.0

What is the essence of tabletop role-playing games? Why the common hobby of geeks is becoming a new pop culture? Vitali Demura and Oleksandr Trifan will answer these questions during the open lectures as part of WEGAME 4.0.

Today, the world has faced a revival of the culture of the 1980s – tabletop role-playing games. One of them is Dungeon & Dragons. In the West, D&D has long been a very successful game. In Ukraine, it is only beginning to gain momentum.

To popularize the once marginal hobby, platforms such as Twitch, Roll20, Fantasy Grounds are now actively used. In addition, Dungeon & Dragons has become the basis for numerous computer RPGs.

Vitali Demura and Oleksandr Trifan will make a report on the topic: Revival of tabletop role-playing games and their online release.

Speakers will cover the following issues:

  • reasons for the ‘new’ popularity of tabletop role-playing games;
  • why there is a growing number of channels on Twitch that broadcast live games and gather huge audiences;
  • why people play tabletop role-playing games and why they cannot win there;
  • the advantage of your imagination over modern graphics engines.

The report will be held in the form of ‘talks’ – a dialogue between the speakers.

Vitali Demura became interested in tabletop role-playing games in 2011. In 2016, he founded the Vecherniye Kosti community, being its co-author and active participant of each project.

Oleksandr Trifan, UX/UI designer, has been engaged in tabletop role-playing games since 2010. Co-author of the FreeTalks program, a designer of stream content and an active participant of various community projects.


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