What to play on Halloween eve?

20 October 2017 What to play on Halloween eve?

World’s main horror holiday is almost here and many gamers already begun to prepare for it by looking up interesting and creepy horror games. While someone looks back to the old masterpieces like Doom or Resident Evil 2, we suggest focusing on promising new games released in 2017.

The Evil Within 2

Last week The Evil Within 2 was released, which we already mentioned earlier. Judging by ratings on Steam, the game lived up to high expectations and most gamers were very pleased with the new horror.

The Evil Within 2 plot has some banalities and self-repetition, but it does not interfere with the amazing dynamics of the game. If you have nothing to do while waiting for Halloween, help Sebastian save his daughter Lily from a sad fate of being the core of the new world.

Friday the 13th: The Game

This novelty doesn’t have such positive reviews. Some are really excited about the opportunity to spend some time in the shoes of an iconic maniac Jason Voorhees. For others, it just wasn’t enough and they didn’t find something else catchy in Friday the 13th: The Game.

Nevertheless, this is a very dynamic survival horror, which is perfect for celebrating Halloween.

Get Even

Let’s also discuss the horror that WEGAME visitors learned a lot about way before the official release. Creative director of The Farm 51 studio Wojciech Pazdur dedicated his WEGAME 3.0 report to writing of this game, and before that, a part of the speech on WEGAME 2.0 in 2016.

Get Even has very positive feedback from players, it was worth for developers to put so much time and energy into it and even remake almost a half in the end.


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