Wojciech Pazdur: The main thing in the game is to tell the story

24 May 2017 Wojciech Pazdur: The main thing in the game is to tell the story

Wojciech Pazdur is a Creative Director at The Farm 51 and regular participants of WEGAME festivals, who was a speaker of our open lectures twice. Last year, as part of his report, he announced a new game of the studio, titled Get Even.

The project was completed by WEGAME 3.0, and Wojciech Pazdur told the festival visitors about the changes and difficulties that the developers faced during this period.

 “The main thing in the game is to tell the story.” With such a statement, Wojciech Pazdur began his report. According to the speaker, the most important part of the story is conflict (internal or external). Get Even reveals both conflicts: conflict of a hero with himself, as well as the one with the external world. The name of the game means “revenge”, and this is the basis for the plot.

Conflict and drama are combined to transform the story into a personal experience of every player. In Get Even, very unusual people struggle with each other. The creators seem to ask you about the greatest fear and the most powerful dream. Thus, the players are motivated to create their own story. This is rarely found in action games.

Conflict is used as a mean to increase adrenaline level and attract attention to gameplay. And yet, players decide on their own whether to participate in the struggle or not. You can lead an aggressive struggle, killing other characters, or choose a more peaceful way, looking for other options.

The dramatic plot is oriented mostly not to teenagers, but rather to mature people with a checkered past, full of mistakes, for which they continue to feel guilty. Family, passion, love - these are parts of the personal story of each person, making up the concept of Get Even. It was decided that the main thing in the game would be not the actions, but rather what the player feels in the process.

Get Even is a psychological thriller. The maximum realism of the game was achieved thanks to 3D scanning of real objects and items.

The main motivator of fear in the game is the following idea: “What will happen if someone offends my family?” The developers chose the key dream as follows: “What if I could travel through time and correct mistakes of the past?” Also the concept of “What is real in your life?” is played upon as well.

There are two main characters in the game:

1. A typical protagonist. A strong, handsome man who fights and shoots.

2. An ordinary person. He has common problems with his family, work, health, etc.

Several prototypes of the game were created, but testers were given not quite positive feedbacks, so developers had to make new changes. Even the developers themselves did not quite understand the idea, because no one had done such projects before.

The game has been developing for more than three years, but it was in the last six months that much has been redone, including graphics and music. By the end of the development of Get Even, almost 50% of the game was removed, but the players were satisfied with subsequent testing.

The official release day of Get Even on Steam is May 25, 2017, do not miss it!

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