Wojciech Pazdur: “A new videogame by The Farm 51 will be closely related to the history of Ukraine”

03 May 2017 Wojciech Pazdur: “A new videogame by The Farm 51 will be closely related to the history of Ukraine”

Wojciech Pazdur – creative director at the games development studio The Farm 51 – visited our festival for the third time. After his presentation dedicated to the final stages of creating Get Even, the speaker gave an interview to WEGAME press service. Do you want to learn about past and future projects of the studio? Enjoy the reading!

The interviewer: Lidiya Tsenenko (L.T.)

The speaker: Wojciech Pazdur (W.P.)

L.T.: What is The Farm 51 planning to do after the release of Get Even?

W.P.: We have finished working on Get Even and are planning to launch a new project. It hasn’t been announced yet. A videogame will be closely related to the history of Ukraine. That’s why I believe that Ukrainian players will be interested in it.

L.T.: What about other projects of yours?

W.P.: Apart from Get Even, we are working on WORLD WAR 3. It is a multiuser online first person shooter set in a hypothetic conflict of the third world war. The game will be released this or next year. We continue working on Chernobyl VR Project and are preparing versions for new gaming platforms. For example, a version for PlayStation VR will be released very soon.

L.T.: What do you show in your booth today?

W.P.: In our booth participants can try out Get Even and Chernobyl VR Project. These are our latest fully finished projects.

L.T.: Having participated in all our previous festivals, what can you say about WEGAME 3.0?

W.P.: I am happy, actually. This is the third WEGAME festival I visited. Every time the event isn’t just improving but also taking a new quality level. This is the place where you want to be and show your products. So, I will definitely come to WEGAME 4.0.

We also recommend you to read the last year interview with Wojciech Pazdur at WEGAME 2.0 or visit the news section.


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