Wojciech Pazdur about Chernobyl VR: “We wanted to tell a true story”

29 September 2016 Wojciech Pazdur about Chernobyl VR: “We wanted to tell a true story”

The second lecturers’ day of WEGAME 2.0 was opened by Wojciech Pazdur, Polish speaker from The Farm 51. The first part of his presentation was dedicated to the process of creating the virtual film about Chernobyl.           

Chernobyl VR is not a game but an educative documentary project confined to the third anniversary of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant tragedy.   

To recreate real exclusion area locations in virtual reality, we have applied Reality 51 method, which the company has been developing for three years. True-to-life photo content was created using laser scanning of the real world. Photogrammetry allowed to capture the smallest details of environment.     

It is an interactive trip allowing to interact with many objects and thoroughly see over numerous locations. Developers tried to render feeling of realistic presence in ChNPP as much as possible.          

“We wanted to tell a true story”, Wojciech Pazdur said, sharing details of project creation. He mentioned that the team working on Chernobyl VR interviewed people who survived the Chernobyl tragedy in order to reconstruct those events based on facts.        

Besides technical difficulties of making tridimensional detailed locations, the developing team had other issues. They had to face many bureaucratic hurdles in order to get into both Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant and its separate areas, which are usually closed to the public.       

A nice working moment for The Farm 51was assistance and support by ordinary Ukrainians and non-governmental organizations. Wojciech Pazdur said that he was planning other common social projects but did not specify which exactly.                 

The first version of Chernobyl VR Project has come into the market in Oculus Store и G2A.com this summer. September 26, 2016, Steam has provided an opportunity to buy this virtual film version requiring HTC Vive VR headset.


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