Wojciech Pazdur: “Chernobyl VR Project is the example of what can help in history classes in school”

16 September 2016 Wojciech Pazdur: “Chernobyl VR Project is the example of what can help in history classes in school”

September 11, 2016, a founder of The Farm 51, the Polish company focusing on video games development, spoke at our lecturers. It is not the first time that the speaker has taken part in the WEGAME festival, and every time he has something to tell to our attendees. After the presentation, the event media office has talked to the developer of Chernobyl VR Project near the company stand where participants could watch its virtual movie.           

WEGAME: What can you say about WEGAME 2.0 festival? 

Wojciech Pazdur: I like it more and more, this time everything is even greater. More people who know what we are dealing with; more people who know English, thus we have more options. So, everything is fine!      

WEGAME: Do you like to interact with our audience?  

Wojciech Pazdur: Yes, I do, especially given that the project we are working on is quite complicated. But questions were pretty relevant.    

WEGAME: What do you think about the future of virtual and augmented reality?

Wojciech Pazdur: According to analytics, the augmented reality market will be much larger, because it is a more trend field. And what we are doing is not a mainstream project. Our key goal is to produce unique virtual reality games, but sometimes we are working with augmented reality as well.     

Currently, we are involved in three large projects and two of them are related with VR. For me personally, it would be more prioritized to focus on virtual reality as much as possible. But we understand that a broader audience is interested in the other segment, so in this case, we should work in both fields.        

WEGAME: Chernobyl VR Project is not just a virtual movie but in fact it is an educative project. Are you interested in this very direction?  

Wojciech Pazdur: Personally, I am interested not so much in educative projects as in the education sector. I think that virtual and augmented reality is a perfect way to draw attention of many people. To do it, we need to create another kind of the project, keep learning and teaching. That’s why education is a part of what develops virtual reality. It is the example of Chernobyl VR project that can help in history classes in school. So we believe that it is very important to move forward in this direction, because children will be able to learn more interesting things in schools.                

WEGAME: What have you remembered most while visiting Chernobyl? 

Wojciech Pazdur: One can say it was a process itself. Remembering what was at the beginning and in the end, I can say that everything changed a lot. Initially, we thought: “Wow, this place is very cool and similar to video game scenes, such a post-apocalyptic world. But then the more often we came there, the more we realized that our feelings are related to stories by people who suffered from the tragedy, having changed the history of Europe and the world. Because it was the beginning of the end of communism. It was the tragedy for thousands of people and this was much more than just fascinating buildings. And we understood how tragic this situation was for people involved there. And that is what we are trying to tell.”


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