Wojciech Pazdur shared some details about Get Even

03 October 2016 Wojciech Pazdur shared some details about Get Even

The second part of Wojciech Pazdur’s presentation at WEGAME 2.0 has been devoted to the new game from The Farm 51, which is to be launched in 2017. Similar to Chernobyl VR, Get Even is a VR based project.

Laser scanning technologies were used here as well, to analyze real places and objects, but the concept is different from Chernobyl VR Project. The game has a dedicated plot and special gameplay. As for the genre, it’s a mix of thriller and a horror.

The story engages VR headset shifting the main character into the world that can drive questions of what’s real. “What is real in your life?” is the question that Get Even asks a player, said Mr. Pazdur.

Location – asylum.

The developers initially planned to use an asylum in England to go on with the scanning. But after visiting the mental institutions in Britain, they changed their minds. Buildings had too many objects and the atmosphere seemed somewhat inconvenient.

They’ve managed to find a perfect location in Poznan (Poland). The larger part of the area has been transferred into the game using photogrammetry technology. Apart from the real asylum details, developers used other prototypes, some of them have been created using computer graphics.

Wojciech Pazdur recommends players to go to Poznan after finishing the game to compare the virtual location to a real one. This can be a unique experience promoting the game concept, fascinating the imagination even more!


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