God of War Returns!

17 June 2016 God of War Returns!

E3 2016 featured a demonstration of the God of War sequel with its debut on PlayStation 4.

Fans’ beloved Kratos, killer of gods from the ancient Greece is the main character in all his glory – scars gathered from the previous battles. Cory Barlog, Creative Director at Sony Santa Monica officially confirmed the character. Thus, have no further doubts: Kratos is here! But this time, with a son. So far, identity of the boy’s mother is kept secret.

This kid is an inherent figure of the gameplay following his father’s footsteps everywhere. Although not playable, there’s still an option of control with a separate button. Its result will depend on the action going on in the game.

This time, developers added an unusual move consisting of a single continuous scene. There’re no loading screens, cross-fadings or cuts. Camera is located over the protagonist’s right shoulder and you’ll be able to turn it around and control it while enjoying marvelous landscapes. Game graphics is actually incredible.

Father and son start their journey from the snowy Nordic forest, continuing to move on to swamps and rainforest. At least, that’s what we got from the concepts that leaked into the web this April.

The game keeps its rail approach adding some exploration action with RPG. Developers also created many parallel pathways and secret passages with lots of stashes and goodies.

After the battle at Olympus, Kratos left his cool chain blades god knows where, so you’ll have to collect the weapon from scratch. The hero initially has only an ice axe for chopping enemies, trees and chests with items. The son has a bow and can increase his skill level to make up a supporting fire for his father as they move along.

Still, here’s a bummer for you: release date is not known yet. The game is still in the active development stage. So for now, we’ll just have to keep anticipating and stay patient. Have a good one, folks!


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