WEGAME opens social network Nimses as a gaming space!

13 June 2017 WEGAME opens social network Nimses as a gaming space!

New social network Nimses is an online sensation that has changed the concept of Internet leisure time. WEGAME festival has become the first partner of the gaming project!

If you are an excellent player, a talented streamer or a video games fan, we will tell you how to use Nimses for your benefit.

This unique geolocation service possesses features that have not been blended together before. Nimses can be used as Instagram, but the user’s feed is tied to a specific location rather than the friend list. There are nims (a kind of a crypto currency) instead of standard likes. One nim is awarded for every minute spent in the social network.

According to creators, 1000 nims equal to $1. They promise to develop a user-friendly service to convert the currency in 2018.

How can gamers use it?

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to support your favorite streamer or player financially. Nimses allows users to express their sympathy and gratitude to each other by sharing nims. This method can be used as a new, more accessible form of donating!

Whether you are a pupil, a poor student, or a father, obliged to spend all money on nappies, you remain a gamer. Nimses allows users to convert their time into money, which they can spend as they wish.

Soon, users will also be able to utilize nims for making purchases. There is no exact information yet, but we will advise Nimses team to include games into the list of services that you will be able to pay for, using the Nimses Goods system.

Good game is on the way.

Game over for likes.

Game of games is here, join.


If you have not joined Nimses yet, do not lose time (as it gives you nims) and join!

Download the application in App Store or Google Play and register via SMS.

Enter the promo code -  "Join" to receive 1440 extra nims free of charge!


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