WeGame will kill Steam? Chinese gaming platform enters global market

19 April 2017 WeGame will kill Steam? Chinese gaming platform enters global market

Web users actively discuss information saying that soon Valve’s digital distribution service will encounter its first real competitor. Chinese company Tencent is getting ready to launch a gaming platform Tencent Games for the global market. The platform will be called WeGame. Even now, operating in China only, the resource accounts for around 200 million user accounts, meanwhile Steam can boast of 125 million.

Competition promises to be tough, as the Chinese giant holds over 10% of the worldwide video games market. Tencent company owns Riot Games with its LoL, Supercell, and Clash of Clans. The brand also owns some assets of such major gaming companies as Activision Blizzard Inc. and Epic Games.

Tencent’s audience reach and impressive resources will undoubtedly attract many publishers and developers to WeGame. There is no exact information about the terms of the update, but it will definitely happen this year if not this month.


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