Yanina Lymar: Cosplay is a whole separate universe

15 February 2017 Yanina Lymar: Cosplay is a whole separate universe

This time our press office prepared an interview with a fair sex of a cosplay family, which stands out in the minds of WEGAME 2.0 attendees. Yanina, Ilia and Kira Lymar had a separate performance in our show. And Kira, the youngest cosplayer in the family has won the first place in the children's category.

We have discussed many interesting issues relating to cosplay, festivals and costumes making with Yanina Lymar (Y. L.). Enjoy reading!

Interviewer: Lidiya Tsenenko (L. T.)

L. T.: Yanina, hi! Please, tell our readers a bit about yourself?

Y. L.: Hi everybody! I’m a cosplayer, role-player, crafter and much more rolled into one. Actually, our whole family looks like this, but these hobbies I’m sharing with my husband. My daughter is only three years old, and I think we can not say that she is into something seriously, but she definitely likes to change roles and act out different characters.

L. T.: How and when did you get interested in cosplay?

Y. L.: Quite recently. My first cosplay I made for the festival in 2015. Before this, I have just admired photos and watched video reports of foreign events. Then, I’ve prepared a cosplay of one of my favorite characters – Volkha Rednaya from a book cycle by Olga Gromyko – “Profession Witch” (“Profesiya Vedma”). My daughter helped me: I dressed her as manticora. Our performance was very successful – we took the first place in the literary characters category.

Yanina Lymar: Cosplay is a whole separate universe - 1

My husband also participated in that festival: he was a musketeer from a book series Warhammer FB.

Yanina Lymar: Cosplay is a whole separate universe - 2

I don’t even know whether you can call us newcomers, since my husband and I came to cosplay after a role movement, already having quite a lot of experience in the creation of costumes. We joined the movement in around 2005, and during the time I’ve managed to make a lot of costumes in the style of various epochs.

Costumes of the XVI century (2008)

Yanina Lymar: Cosplay is a whole separate universe - 3

Stylization of costumes of the XV century (2014)

Yanina Lymar: Cosplay is a whole separate universe - 4

As for cosplay itself, I would say that our daughter Kira is the first cosplayer in the family. The basis for the creation of her dress was a costume of a lady from the picture of Petrus Christus “Saint Eligius”.

Yanina Lymar: Cosplay is a whole separate universe - 5

Cosplay is a whole separate universe, a hobby that requires a lot of free time. Therefore, until 2015 I just didn’t know, whether my day planned down to the last minute could include this one as well. And then I realized that I just have to carve out time for this kind of hobby, moving other activities.

L. T.: Which characters were the most interesting to impersonify and which one fell short of expectations?

Y. L.: Absolutely everything is interesting; for me the very creation of costumes and craft is a great fun. Therefore, there can’t be any disappointments. After a successful debut, I took on a very complex character: a human priest from the Warcraft universe – sister Benedron, for two months I have practically lived for it.

Янина Лымарь: «Косплей – это целая отдельная вселенная» - 7

Or to be more precisely, the whole our family lived for it. Along with my costume, we were working on a costume of mechanic dwarf for my husband and a dragon Svetik for my daughter.

Янина Лымарь: «Косплей – это целая отдельная вселенная» - 8

At one of the festivals in Kyiv in 2016, my cosplay of sister Benedron took the first place in the Computer Games category, and the dragon Svetik – the second one in the Children's Cosplay category.

Янина Лымарь: «Косплей – это целая отдельная вселенная» - 9

And in autumn, Kira became a winner of the Children’s Cosplay at WEGAME 2.0.

L. T.: What would you recommend to all cosplay beginners?

Y. L.: To create and do not stop. Any technical challenges of costumes can be divided into ordinary parts, which are easier to cope with. And also don’t be afraid to ask questions. Cosplayers are friendly people and quite willing to share the secrets of making costumes.

Don’t spare money for high-quality photos. Eventually, it is photos that demonstrate your achievements to the whole world. And before reinventing the wheel, try to google. Perhaps, someone has already done something similar and in addition has created a manual for it, or maybe even a video.

Watch for the second part of our conversation with Yanina soon, in which she will share the peculiarities of costumes creation and her plans for the future.


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