Browser games you can get lost in

04 April 2019 Browser games you can get lost in

Modern browser games are so well-developed that sometimes their downloaded analogs have worse quality. We are going to present a lineup of five browser games one can get lost for a long time.

Quake III Arena

Yeah, a browser version of this legendary shooter from id Software is now available! Quake III Arena has become of the pioneer games focused mostly on multiplayer, not playthrough.

This can be seen here: you can create a browser-based server and play with your friends online. If for any reason they cannot join you, bots may come in handy.

You only need to visit the website and choose the game parameters. There exist several modes all gamers know well:

  • Free For All;
  • Tournament;
  • Clan Arena;
  • Capture The Flag;
  • Freeze Tag.

You can choose one card out of four (not many but you play in a browser, by the way) and bots from one to five. Besides, bots are available from the easiest called I Can Win to the most difficult Nightmare.

Vikings: War of Clans

It is a military and economic strategy where you play for a Viking jarl who builds up his own settlement.

The history shows that the Vikings were more likely to attack, rob, and kill their neighbors rather than take care of the economy. The same picture is provided in the game: a player will gain the biggest revenue by raids on other lands. This requires a powerful army, however.

Here is where the strategic part comes in. You need to develop your town by building mines, lumber mills, stone quarries, farms, and of course barracks. A player has to upgrade the infrastructure and train warriors.

The army is divided into levels called ranges. The stronger the warrior is, the more money you will need to maintain him. For this, you need buildings to generate and process resources.

So, do not expect to raid the neighbors not developing your own town. However, those who cannot wait may use an in-game store. Yeah, donating is available but you can build a good enough town even not investing money.

League of Angels 3

In fact, it is a browser-based MMORPG. It’s a new part of the franchise dedicated to the fight of good and evil. According to the plot, you embark on a journey in order to find 12 relics that would help combat a wicked dragon.

The developers are focused on thirty heroes, more precisely, heroines. All of them have remarkable shielded breasts that are easily seen.

The graphics are also of top quality: heroes, environment, enemies – everything is properly designed. A gamer can switch the camera location, angle of view, and scale.

The combat system is pretty simple: you run across the map and then meet a rival. Then, the screen changes, and you see a battlefield and warriors opposite one another. Attacks start automatically but gamers have to use the needed skills timely. In the open world, you can sometimes come across bosses. In this case, the hero should be controlled by a gamer.

RPG elements are frequent in the game. Here, you can boost literally everything: weapon, armor, wings, mounts, and skills. The game even offers an achievement system. By boosting your hero, you raise Battle Ranking that demonstrates your power.

Although this game is mostly PvE, the PvP mode can also be noticed. You can show your skills in battles against other players on the arena to be opened at the 52nd level.

«Гнездо Дракона: Альянс»

The first thing that catches the eye as you enter the game is its colorfulness. In spite of 2D, this game has great design.

A gamer’s task is to control the lock and adjacent territories. Here comes the time when a successful settlement has to expand, which is the sense of the game.

However, everything is much more difficult than it seems to be. In comparison to other games where you have to endlessly conquer new territories, here, you can just negotiate. Politics and diplomacy are to help avoid a military conflict.

A player has an option of creating various buildings: guilds of warriors, shooters, magicians as well as an academy, a war hall, an embassy, an exchange house, a workshop, an altar, and even a jail. Farmland, clearing places, hospitals, mines, barracks, and mana sources are located in the vicinity. Each of the abovementioned can be boosted to gain more profit or give better units.

You can hire… heroes! They have unique military skills and will fight for you. Some of them severely attack an enemy while others dramatically boost allied troops.

A battle in automated: click the button Brave warriors, choose a rival, and place your troops and hero in front of him.

Rail Nation

This game was created for those tired of swords, magic, elves, orcs, castles, princesses, dragons, and the never-ending fight of good and evil. No need to kill as Rail Nation is an economic strategy about trains. A gamer is to develop his/her own railway empire and earn as much as possible.

The map has various locations with resources. The road to some of them is already railed but other places remain without this type of connection. Collect resources and give them to the town. The higher the demand is, the more citizens will pay.

As a result, a gamer will need to boost locomotives and carriages expanding their capacity and increasing the speed. Monitor routes to make traffic the most effective.

The game is divided into rounds lasting for 3-4 months. Every month has six epochs. A player who manages to build the most sophisticated station, buys the biggest number of locomotives, etc will win the round.

Besides, it is not difficult to get involved in the game since beginners may catch up with veterans in almost a month or a month and a half.


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