The winter is coming this summer: what will the VII season of the Game of Thrones bring us?

07 July 2017 The winter is coming this summer: what will the VII season of the Game of Thrones bring us?

For seven long years, we were reminded that the winter was coming. And here we go, it will happen this summer: the long-anticipated winter season of the Game of Thrones universe will finally start on July 16 (Sunday).

Supposing that weather conditions of the seventh season are known in advance, what else have HBO scenarists come up with to impress us? We offer considering several possible scenarios. Watch out for spoilers (or not).


It is expected that the new Queen of Westeros, Cersei Lannister, will be the main villain of the seventh season. Viewers will also hate her right hand Euron Greyjoy almost the same as Ramsay and Joffrey. And most likely both of them will not be kept alive till the eighth season. Well, these things happen, and we do not want to feel pity for these characters.

Together with Euron’s nephews, the new governors of Dorne, and Olenna Tyrell, the grandmother of the late Queen Margaery, Daenerys Targaryen will confront Cersei. And, of course, Tyrion Lannister will help her.

As for Jon Snow, in this season he will play the role of the voice of reason, to whom nobody listens. He will try to calm down the queens and direct their combined efforts to fight against the Others, but he will fail to succeed. Then, the King of the North will most likely head beyond the Wall to collect the evidence of impending danger and show it to sceptics.

The winter is coming this summer: what will the VII season of the Game of Thrones bring us?

A large battle with the Others is expected in the end of the season, but it is unlikely that all characters will be alive by then. However, thanks to one of the interviews by Emilia Clarke, we know that Daenerys will for sure remain alive until the eighth season. Jon is also unlikely to be killed in the seventh season, but other characters will have a tough time. It is supposed that this year we will see a real slaughter.


The Game of Thrones can hardly be called a family series due to the age rating, but the topic of family relations excellently unfolds there. There will be many intrigues related to family ties in the next season, so let us mention the main ones.

How many Targaryens are there in the series now? Supposedly, three. It will turn out that Jon and perhaps Tyrion have Valyrian blood apart from Dany. It could explain why with all his common sense Tyrion was attracted by such dangerous creatures as dragons since childhood.

Which of the brothers will kill Cersei? The newly crowned governor of the Seven Kingdoms always feared that Tyrion would eventually kill her. However, according to the prophecy, her younger brother would kill her. Jaime Lannister is also younger than Cersei, and if he is chosen for the role, it will be a more interesting twist.


Epicism will be inherent to the seventh season, but as no books have been published yet, it is hard to predict which events will contribute to it. There are big chances that we will see the fall of the Wall and the invasion of the Others in Westeros in the last episodes of the season.

While there is some time left until the next Sunday, we recommend watching the second trailer of the season to those who for some reasons have not done it yet.


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