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And thunder will burst in the sky, and a branch will spring up from the Tree root. When source waters will be mixed in the bowl with the ash of the brave spirit taking away the power by deceit, His all loyal servants will hear the call! He will sprinkle unbelievers with pain! Father of chaos, God of shadow, Master of thousands of worlds! We invoke you! Come!

Your government will transform the Earth, releasing it from imperfection, from the vicious mistake of those who have shifted their burden to their children.Gor’unatt… Great and Almighty! Come back to us from the Emptiness! And carry the indestructible army of heavenly-minded vahlors with yourself!

Legends from Eleaj, 21-0 / 74 meridat under aeneas
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Hi! Will you also join the great test? Don’t look at me like that. Indeed, I’m old. My hands and legs are not as strong as they were earlier. But brain! It is as sharp as a razor! 

Are you guessing why we are all here? It’s simple. The community is seeking help. It has to find descendants of the great hero, who will be able to defeat the returned evil.   

Are you not aware? Do you know anything about Game the Great? Take a seat, we won’t hit the trail until the morning. I will tell you about life and death of this famous hero.   

It was long ago, so long ago that even a paper couldn’t remember all the details. This universe was inhabited by various gods: angry, kind, greedy and generous. They divided our world and governed it at their pleasure. And fought, frequently fought. They created armies and split the universe.          

Once, the war was declared on our lands. That area belonged to awesome God Wiarmit. He was really mighty and fair-minded. A lot of creatures created by gods aimed to enter his area, as it allowed living in peace: to grow seeds, make families.      

These territories also faced wars. Nevertheless, what is several years of war against fifty years of peace? Nothing.  

There was a big secret: why did our world become a cornerstone? A honey pie for the rest…   

The legend doesn’t reveal the truth. But one thing is clear: the evil called Gor’unatt entered our world and started seizing it. Just imagine, Gor’unatt killed Wiarmit and enslaved this area. He tormented this territory long decades. Creatures previously dreaming about these lands casted fearful glances at them.        

I’m not kidding you, that’s a true story!

The situation was as follow until one braveheart appeared. A boy by gods’ standards, but a strong man in the eyes of people. His name was Game. He was tall and strong, could bend rods with a breads of a palm! A powerful soldier who gave his life for area’s freedom. There was a reason for his grudge against Gor’unatt, but I forgot it…       

He searched a lot for power. Great power equal to Gods’ power. And he found it…  

The story doesn’t tell us the details. But one thing is clear: Gor’unatt was killed and the world became a better place. Game turned into just a legend. Partially truthful and flattering. And the world… What will happen to it? We faced numerous wars without Gods, so it was our fault.     

Reportedly, the storm is going to strike the north, which means that Gor’unatt is back… If that is so, then we definitely have to check our strength. Perhaps, we are the chosen ones who will rescue the world…   

Hey, we’ve reached the place. Register to start major tests. I will also put into my data. 

The community announces the reward. Be careful, as I can overrun you. It’s time to go for fight. Keep pace with me!  

Did I tell you the story about lost power of Yed because of the war near the Molgrarid river?...