The fourth festival of gaming and geek culture WEGAME demonstrated an intensive program, spectacular show, and loads of contests, breaking the record of attendance. The first day of the event saw more attendees than two days of the previous festivals! WEGAME 4.0 took place at the Expocenter of Ukraine on April 21 and 22. The festival was organized by Smile-Expo. WEGAME 4.0 took place at the Expocenter of Ukraine on April 21 and 22. The festival was organized by Smile-Expo. The sponsor of the eSports tournament was HyperX. The exclusive sponsor of the event was the manufacturer of the gaming units Cougar. Logitech became a sponsor of the MK:X & FIFA zone and battles, and the badge sponsor was esports.com.

Boundless joy and many technological novelties

On both days of WEGAME 4.0, the exhibition area offered contests and presentations of the newest games and gaming peripherals. Music was playing non-stop at the booth of Ubisoft, a publisher and distributor of interactive games and services, as Just Dance tournament (a game loved all over the world) was held there.

Representatives of Warner Bros. Pictures presented a fantastic action Rampage, inviting visitors not only to dive into the atmosphere of adventure movie using VR technologies but also to participate in the draw of tickets to the film screening.

WEGAME 4.0 brought together the biggest meetup of gamers and geeks in Ukraine - 1

One of the coolest for guests of the festival was the present from DXracer – advanced manufacturer of functional armchairs for gamers. Two models priced 10,000 UAH were drawn at the company’s booth. One of them was presented to the winner of the lottery held at WEGAME 4.0, and the other went to a lucky person whose name was defined using social media.

WEGAME 4.0 brought together the biggest meetup of gamers and geeks in Ukraine - 2

Furthermore, Meizu M6 mobile phone was drawn among the guests of the festival. The lottery took place at the booth of Molotov Lab, a game developer that deploys blockchain based distributed database. The company announced the release of a collector’s game ETH Birds, developed in the collaboration with the well-known Belarusian design studio Zoo Mania.

The exclusive sponsor of the event and the sponsor of Cougar battles has drawn its products and souvenirs from the main stage. The prizes included headphones, PC mouse devices, a keyboard. On the company stand in the exhibition area visitors were able to learn more about the novelties. Cougar presented headsets, PC chasses, power supplies. Visitors noted the wide functionality and unique design of the products.

However, the most popular and attended was the zone of the festival sponsor HyperX, a leader in the production of goods for gamers and e-sports players. Activities that took place at their booth interested even those who were out of the loop, as there was an interactive laboratory show in the pavilion of HyperX, where specialists showed how to assemble a real gaming computer.

WEGAME 4.0 brought together the biggest meetup of gamers and geeks in Ukraine - 3

Moreover, the company organized a unique special offer: having brought an old keyboard, you could buy a new model Alloy Elite just at half price!

While someone was destroying old keyboards, fans of gaming old school – table games – could enjoy a standalone play zone. One of the features of the table games pavilion was the Dungeons & Dragons tournament, held by GameTree.

Lovers of the novelties in the world of computer games were not disappointed as well: at the booth of Sense.Vision, one could test products of all nominees of WEGAME AWARDS and participate in the voting.

Rewarding winners of WEGAME AWARDS

The winner that received the biggest number of likes in the Sense.Vision’s voting zone received the award in the nomination WEGAME Special. Story-driven arcade racing game Summer Catchers turned out to be a favorite. Experts in the field of development and promotion of products for gamers judged other nominations of WEGAME AWARDS: Vlad Plotnikov, Mikhail Somov, Roman Martynyuk, Aleksandr Khrutsky, Aleksandr Markelov, Konstantin Ramensky, Yevgeny Tur.

Thanks to their professional assessment, rewards of WEGAME AWARDS found their owners:

  • Best Game Design – OVIVO.
  • Best Game Art – Goopalo.
  • Best Mobile Game – Siege Saga.
  • Best VR Game – Guns'n'Stories: Bulletproof VR.
  • Best PC Game – Deuterium Wars.
  • Audience Awards – Proze.

E-sports and cyber-fun

WEGAME 4.0 brought together the biggest meetup of gamers and geeks in Ukraine - 4

Which gaming festival can do without e-sports competitions? Not WEGAME, for sure! On both days of the event, a huge zone was available for e-sports players without stops or pauses, where they played the WEGAME VaultCup tournament, organized by Smile-Expo together with VAULT computer club. Players competed in three disciplines: LOL, Dota 2, CS:GO, and the total prize fund was 30,000 UAH!

The best gamers received not only cash prizes but also presents from the club and the exclusive sponsor of the zone – HyperX. Besides, one could fight 1 to 1 in Hearthstone and CS:GO on PC and play Mortal Kombat and FIFA on PS.

WEGAME 4.0 brought together the biggest meetup of gamers and geeks in Ukraine - 5

Logitech and Respawn Game Bar became exclusive partners of the MK:X & FIFA zone. Organizers presented winners of these tournaments with certificates for attending the gaming bar and sponsors presented them with cash prizes.

Open lectures session

During the event, attendees had a chance to listen to presentations from experts in the field of game industry development and ask them questions.

WEGAME 4.0 brought together the biggest meetup of gamers and geeks in Ukraine - 6

Not only Ukrainian specialists but also guests from other countries arrived to WEGAME 4.0 to share experience and knowledge. Wojciech Pazdur, director of development at the Polish company The Farm 51, spoke about step-by-step creation of photorealistic visuals for computer games, highlighted the aspects that are important for the process, and showed results through the example of the company’s products.

Speaker from the US John Uke, founder and CEO of GameTree PBC, talked about a unique application for gamers that helps to find friends and contact likeminded people from all over the world. The entrepreneur explained the operational principles of the application, described personality types of gamers, and told about the practical use of computer games for a human.

Fundamental difference between ААА and indie games was reviewed by Maksym Bezugly, CEO of Attracti. He assessed strengths and weaknesses of their production, compared the figures and the possibility of making money in both fields.

The lecture of Alexander Dzyuba (СЕО of Sense.Vision) was dedicated to the effectiveness of playtests and benefits of their conduct, as well as step-by-step development of one of the best VR games in the world.

QC Project Lead of UBISOFT Pavlo Oliinyk also focused on game testing. He delved into how it was done in practice and elaborated on the activities of UBISOFT.

Founder of ESM.one Ivan Danishevsky dedicated his presentation to the commercial aspects of e-sports.

In the report titled “Generating motivation for a player”, game designer of Zadzen Svyatoslav Kholod thoroughly analyzed what attracted different people in computer games, and explained how to determine your target audience and promote your product in such a way.

Two presentations were dedicated to the topic of table games. Gleb Alyokhin, a game developer and author of the educational project BUSINESS GAMER, told about the process of their creation, from emergence of the idea to bringing it to life. Game masters and founders of Vecherniye Kosti (Evening Bones) community Vitaly Demura and Alexander Trifan explained why table games were becoming popular once again, analyzed reasons of their success, and told the audience the story of the world’s most famous game Dungeons & Dragons.

Furthermore, a well-known Ukrainian cosplayer and founder of the costume laboratory FD Studio Mariya Karpenko shared her unique experience with the audience. She gave a lecture explaining how to turn a hobby in real business, mentioning useful skills required by this hobby.

The lectures session also featured a composer, producer, and founder of VP Production Vlad Plotnikov (“Game Music: how it's made?”), senior business development manager at CRYCASH Alexander Kolesnichenko (“Improving the gaming experience with new technologies”), and art director at IDA GAMES Alexandr Shapovalov (“How to destroy your gaming company”).

More cosplay, more show

WEGAME 4.0 brought together the biggest meetup of gamers and geeks in Ukraine - 7

Spectacular cosplay show became a zest of the festival. This year, its judges included a cosplayer and TV presenter Marianna De Mort, founder of the costume laboratory FD Studio Mariya Karpenko, makeup artist Julia Melnik, and photographer Alexander Bootsman.

Ninety minutes of incredibly vivid and unusual defile performances from participants closed the evening’s program on the first festival day and winners were awarded on the second day. The prize fund of the cosplay show comprised 15,000 UAH, divided among gold, silver, and bronze prizewinners in three categories.

The first place in the Video games category went to cosplayers from Odesa – duet DiViWhy (Victoriya Zotova and Dmitry Suprun) that cosplayed Deathwing and Lich King from the universe of the World of Warcraft.

WEGAME 4.0 brought together the biggest meetup of gamers and geeks in Ukraine - 8

Gold in the Comics and science fiction category was taken by Alina Kozina for her costume of Charlie Quinn (male art version of Harley by Noflutter, DC Comics). Winner in the Films, cartoons, and series category was Vladimir Kushnarev that cosplayed the Flash from Justice League.

WEGAME 4.0 brought together the biggest meetup of gamers and geeks in Ukraine - 9

Both beginners and real professionals competed for the title of the brightest cosplayer. Not only participants of the contest could demonstrate their costumes during the event. Moreover, attendees that wore costumes gained not only fame and camera flashes but also a serious ticket discount.


WEGAME 4.0 became one of the brightest and largest events for admirers of geek culture. WEGAME 5.0 is coming – the anniversary festival of cosplayers and gamers that you should not miss!

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