A record number of guests, booths, contests, games, and cosplay – that is how the fifth WEGAME 5.0 festival took place, organized by Smile-Expo. The jubilee event for geeks and gamers was held in Kyiv on April 20 and 21. T-FORCE played the role of the Exclusive Sponsor of the event.

Exhibition: VR and hardware for gamers

This year 50 companies presented goods for lovers of video games, comics, and cinema. Their booths displayed upscale gadgets, top-class gaming hardware, video games, merch products, and comics.

Booths of Cougar and Bloody A4Tech enjoyed special popularity unveiling the latest products for gamers and appraisers of high-quality equipment such as computer peripherals, armchairs, and accessories. Companies not only presented the latest developments not previously seen by the Ukrainian wide public but also organized prize draws, board game contests, and a quiz with memorable prizes for winners.

eSports Battles and Cosplay Feast – Results of WEGAME 5.0 Festival - 1

Besides, attendees were greatly interested in booths of Expert PC (assembles computers), Vision Tech (gaming PCs), Active game (gaming machines), The Farm 51 (developer of the Chernobylite game), ZONA51 (store for gamers), social-casino Murka, and Funduk store.

eSports Battles and Cosplay Feast – Results of WEGAME 5.0 Festival - 2

Products of TowerHex Games (creators of a VR multi player) and Arvi Lab (VR developers) created a real buzz thanks to providing complete immersion in virtual reality.

Besides, mobile carrier Vodafone and telecommunications equipment provider Nokia jointly held a public demonstration of 5G technology in Ukraine. On April 21, all guests could play VR tennis and compare the data transmission rate of 4G and 5G in action.

eSports battles at WEGAME 5.0

eSports Battles and Cosplay Feast – Results of WEGAME 5.0 Festival - 3

The festival offered five game zones where epic eSports battles took place. The PC zone saw a large-scale WEGAME CyberZone Cup with Dota 2 and CS:GO LAN finals. The event organizer expresses gratitude to the sponsor of eSports tournaments – HyperX – and general partners of the championship:

  • LG (technical partner of eSports zone);
  • ASUS CyberZone (main eSports partner);
  • GameInside.ua (main eSports media partner);
  • YouBox (gifts partner).

The games between those who passed the qualifier took place on the first day of the event, April 20. Fans received lots of pleasure, and winners of tournaments – 10,000 UAH and presents from HyperX and YouBox.

eSports Battles and Cosplay Feast – Results of WEGAME 5.0 Festival - 4

April 21 saw the Lanet PUBG WEGAME Cup, where volunteers fought for the award of 10,000 UAH for the first place and prizes from YouBox and Fabrika Futbolok. The organizer and the streaming partner of the competition was Lanet PLAY game studio. The company held a live stream of matches commented by popular Ukrainian streamers Alex_D20 and Dobra_Divka.

Besides, volunteers could participate in the Dota Auto Chess and CS:GO battles of WEGAME CyberZone battle Cup, sponsored by Cougar and Bloody A4Tech. These tournaments had the prize fund of 7,000 UAH, and winners received exclusive gifts from sponsors.

WEGAME 5.0’s Console zone, the general partner of which was FINT Esports Academy, saw FIFA and Mortal Kombat tournaments. The award for taking the first places equaled to 3,000 UAH and besides winners got presents from HyperX and tournament’s comfort sponsor PromoPUFF. But this is not all! On the first day of the event, fans of cyber football tested their strength and skills in a game with true celebrities of FIFA – professional eSports players Vitaly “labotryas” Mukha and Maksim “GG_Fear” Bober.

The Mobile zone of the festival featuring WEGAME Hearthstone Champ was quite popular as well. The best gamers received not only cash prizes but also presents from the Mobile zone Sponsor Expert PC. Creative partner of the competition was Fabrika Futbolok.

Lovers of offline entertainment activities could attend the Board game zone, where Dungeons and Dragons fan games took place, organized by Ded Lihozor club, and representatives of the Igromag store organized the most popular board games competitions. Admirers of old school and video games of the late 1990s had fun in the Retro zone of the festival.

Cosplay show: space for creativeness

eSports Battles and Cosplay Feast – Results of WEGAME 5.0 Festival - 5

The brightest event of WEGAME 5.0 that impressed all guests and exhibitors was the cosplay show. Both festival days offered defile of contest participants on the main stage competing for love and attention of the audience and the prize fund of 20,000 UAH. Experts assessing cosplay costumes were Elena [Pugoffka] Kucheruk, Marianna de Mort, Serhii Sparda, Aster Shade, Oksana [Moon-ka] Sherstyuk, and Bellatrix Aiden.

Winners of the cosplay contest:

  • Best performance – Hibari Rin, Link (Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild);
  • Best craft – Volodimir Zhuravlov, Raynor (StarCraft);
  • Best character – Liza Elios, Demon Hunter;
  • Award from organizers – Trickster, Vi (League of Legends).

eSports Battles and Cosplay Feast – Results of WEGAME 5.0 Festival - 6

“Defining just three winners turned out to be unbelievably difficult, as there were many strong participants with great craft and excellent performance. Judging became a true challenge, but we got through it, and I hope that viewers are happy with our choice,” the member of jury, photographer, and cosplayer Elena [Pugoffka] Kucheruk said.

This year the contest featured not only cosplayers of well-known characters but also participants that created their own original characters. Besides, there was The audience choice award nomination, where viewers selected the winner through voting on the WEGAME 5.0’s official Facebook page. The online audience put the highest mark to Viktoriya Goncharenko for cosplaying Captain Marvel.

Heroes of game development: winners of WEGAME Awards

The jubilee game festival featured the traditional awards ceremony for cool developers, game designers, and studios that created decent products this season and applied to participate. Game testing company Sense.Vision acted as a partner of WEGAME Awards. And the expert judges were top representatives of the game development industry: Anatoliy Sekachov (Social Quantum), Taras Tarasov (Game Industry Consulting), Alexey Uslavtsev (Devil's Dozen Games), Artem Mironovsky (Red Beat), Roman Martynyuk (AppMania), Alexandr Shvyrlo (Ubisoft Ukraine), Alex Andrusevich (Plarium Kharkiv), Denys Voroshylov (Devart), Vitali Granetski (Games Gathering Odessa), and Sergey Lesiuk (Wargaming Kyiv).

Winners of WEGAME Awards 2019 are:

  • Best PC Game – Sayri Adventure;
  • Best Game Design – Empire Patron;
  • Best Game Art – I am Reed;
  • Best Mobile Game – Aesthetic Battle Simulator;
  • Best VR Game – TowerHex;
  • Audience Choice Award – TowerHex;
  • Special WEGAME Award (the organizer’s choice) – Check the maze!
  • Open lectures: game development, eSports, and craft

The host of WEGAME 5.0 was the video blogger Andrii Biryulin with his charming colleague Kristina Zomchak. They helped guests to orient themselves at the two-day festival. It was bright, fun, loud, and very informative, as specialists in cosplay, game development, craft, and streaming were giving lectures from the main stage.

On April 20, the eSports section featured Arseniy Salay (FINT Esports Academy), cyber football player Oleg “Walkman” Shustenko, and Eugen Nikolaev (CMO Windigo Gaming). The Ukrainian-speaking streamer Oleksandr Dyakivnych (Alex_D20) and Stas Burov (Zaddrot.com and Keddr.com) shared information on the topic of game blogging and streaming.

On April 21, the Game development section featured the indie game developer Ivan Kovalov and a panel discussion with industry experts, titled “Modern gaming industry: how to create a really great game?” In the Cosplay and geek art section, lectures were given by Alyona Royenko (press service rep of the Foxter & Max movie), Anna and Pavel Ohol (Any Robots studio), and the judge of the cosplay show, professional photographer Elena [Pugoffka] Kucheruk.

Besides, WEGAME 5.0 for the first time ever offered an epic quest, the battle of five classes: Console gods, PC master race, Geeks (board games), Oldfags, and Mobile ninjas. The winners in every class received prizes from the partners of the event.

The organizer Smile-Expo expresses gratitude to all sponsors, exhibitors, and guests of the festival!

See you at eSPORTconf Ukraine 2019 – the conference for people interested in the topic of moneymaking in eSports. The event, where experts will share experience of organizing and financing eSports events, advertising, and product development in the eSports field, will take place in Kyiv on June 13. You can find more information on the website of eSPORTconf Ukraine 2019.

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