Virtual reality systems at WEGAME festival

Habitual tools for developing computer and video games are already being put in the archives. And the rapid technological development has allowed bringing to life the wildest dreams of writers. Soon the capital of Ukraine – magnificent Kyiv city – will fully immerse into the world of virtual reality.

WEGAME festival will take place on April 20-21, meaning that ACCO International Center will turn into the portal to VR world for several days.

The number of new virtual reality games and systems available in the market is constantly increasing. How to orientate yourself in a large variety of products? Where to test VR headsets and glasses?

You will get answers to these and other questions at the festival of interactive entertainment WEGAME. 

Virtual reality systems at WEGAME festival

Apart from lectures on game development, e-sports tournament, cosplay contest and a great number of table games, you will be able to get into virtual worlds at the booth of international gaming platform G2A.

It’s the place where you will gain first-hand experience of how one of the most expensive VR glasses works – HTC Vive.  This headset was developed by HTC and Valve. It has two embedded, high-definition displays (1080х1200), and is equipped with lots of motion sensors and two controllers to feel VR with your hands. Thanks to the advanced motion capture system HTC Vive allows fully immersing into the virtual world and moving along the room without using a gamepad.

Come and bring your friends in order to keep up with the technological progress and to move with the times. During the WEGAME festival you will learn about the latest products of game industry, get acquainted with the most famous representatives of game development sphere, and test virtual reality systems and many other things!  

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